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I'm 5'6", lbs and 44 years old. I exercise 6 days a week, which includes mostly resistant training but a couple days of HIIT training and one day of steady-state. Do you think I'm on the right track? Thanks in advance for the input or point in the right direction! Hi Johanne, Im sorry to hear that regardless of your attempts for a healthier life you are not seeing tge results.

I know this frustration and recently through research found out that my bioidentical hormones were to blame. I don't know if you got your body regulated but if not please don't delay into looking at the side effects of these hormones especially progestrone. I know it is not the subject of the post, but it is about putting up some weight anyway. I have a friend who is willing to gain weight but she wants to go keto for health reasons.

How to start a keto diet to gain weight? I have done everything I know to do, and still stalled!! I am 5 ft 10, female, age Down from lbs. I appreciate, and will heed advice, to stay off the scale. I DO feel lighter. Hubby notices, and my clothes are looser. But I took extra magnesium for 2 days in a row. And BOY, I sat on the toilet all morning this morning!! There should be a warning on the bottle for idiots like me!! I am now mildly dehydrated, dizzy, just OFF feeling. Have black coffee with butter in late morning. All I have eaten today been sick!!

Drank over a gallon of water today. Working on a glass now. And supper is zoodles with my homemade tomato basil sauce, adding ground turkey and beef. Plus onion. Skipping the salad for obvious reasons. I suffer from hypoglycemia, and it is way better than before Keto.


But it took a month of the 'shakes' to regulate it. Cheese is my go-to snack and may be my problem but it seems to keep my sugars up. Just a small piece, or a small bite of jerky. I used to reach for the Little Debbie box!!

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Love the articles, and am considering joining the next challenge. IF this annoying stall will ever end!! Anyway, watch that magnesium guys.

The All New Atkins Diet Plan which lets you eat those forbidden carbs and STILL lose weight

Dont over-do. It is a killer!! Am a stay at home mom, homeschool my children. No time for much exercise. But, I can claim the hours at the park as P.

The All New Atkins Diet Plan which lets you eat those forbidden carbs and STILL lose weight

Thanks for the support!! I love the success stories, and think they are helping me not to give up!! Hi Dawn, trust me, you are not the only one - It has happened to most of us!

Magnesium supplements can cause this, especially citrate. Check out this post for more info on alternatives: Complete Guide to Magnesium Supplementation I'm not a health professional but I think that you should reconsider your approach to fasting. It's fine if you have no blood sugar issues but if you suffer from hypoglycaemia, it is better if you eat more frequently.

So maybe instead of eating times a days, try times or up to 5 times. Instead of cheese, try snacking on avocados with a pinch of salt ideal , a hard-boiled egg, or a small salad that includes some sort of protein. Or you can eat smaller portions of regular meals throughout the day. Cheese can make your weight stall.

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  8. I am so sorry this has happened to you and to the other people posting to this article. I know it is very frustrating but it is a normal and predictable response to persistent dieting, regardless of the eating plan. I think like the people above, you have impacted your thyroid hormone where your body is no longer converting T4 hormone into T3 like it should. The result is the creation of rT3 which has no biologic activity and the creation of starvation mode also called metabolic adaptation.

    Your body can now survive on many fewer calories than it did before. I think the only recourse is to ease up on the calorie restriction you have and then to reset in a couple of months using a part-time dieting framework.

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    It can still be keto and the tips in this article are prudent and helpful to many people but you are one of the exceptions. MagTab SR will give you less diarrhea if you feel that you need magnesium supplementation. I don't know enough about your history to say for sure. The only way I can do the keto diet is I do zero carbs for few days first. I have eleven pounds to lose but I have to be strict. My worst habit ever is snacking now it takes three months to create a new habit so I have been not snacking at all.

    I just will not allow it anymore. I am trying no to give up on Keto but I have been so careful to track every thing that goes into my mouth. I plan my meals, drink enough water, get a good amount of exercise but the scale won't move. I think it's because I am on Lexapro. There is a lot of conflicting opinions on SSRI's and ketosis but i really do believe that my medication is preventing me from losing.

    Help!: Atkins Friendly Restaurants

    This was helpful. I don't want to give up but I am frustrated. It's been 4 weeks and I don't feel like I've lost a pound. My face broke out with a horrible rash. In fact. I'm seeing a dermatologists today. I have had more energy and not hungry. Been IF for three weeks and still feel bloated in my stomach area.

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    But I won't give up because I know it's healthier for me. It may be better to take it slow - your carbs may be too low. This doesn't mean that you won't be able to do keto but you may need to lower your carbs gradually. I was just put on Lexapro, lowered my Blood pressure but not losing weight, very frustrating.

    I love the Keto diet. I'm supplementing with Zeal Wellness and Keto os and ketond. In the last week my sugar level is 85 to even after meals testing 5 times a day. Can't wait to go back to my Endo August My question is what will he say about the Ketones? I am eat the paleo life style want to loose 40lbs and some body fat as well. Is there someone that might be able to help me understand this and reach my goal.

    You can try our keto calculator- it's easy to use and will give you macros based on your goal: KetoDiet Buddy - Easy Macro Calculator for the Ketogenic Diet. I must say, this may be the most helpful "keto troubleshooting" article I've ever read. Usually, the authors seem not to believe claims of weight gain, cravings, etc, or imply that their readers aren't telling the truth about strictly adhering to keto principles.