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He was a preacher; he delivered good news; and he warned; thus, the Qur'an is a collection of sermons, exhortations, guidance, warnings and pieces of encouragement.

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This new translation is unique. The result of decades of study of the text, of the traditional Muslim authorities and of the works of other scholars, special thought has been given to what the text would have meant to its original hearers.

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The traditional verse structure has been maintained, and where necessary verses have been further divided into sections to indicate where there are natural points for pause, and to emphasize the original oral nature of the text. This is the first translation of the Qur'an to adopt such an approach. The oral nature of the text presents problems for the translator, for recitation frequently gives the text a dimension that does not come across in silent reading.

Some previous translators have introduced bridging phrases drawn from past commentators, resulting in interruptions to the flow of the text.

Coran, salafisme et Soral : le grand bazar des librairies islamiques

Alan Jones's approach underlines the need for a sympathetic response to the oral and aural structures of the Arabic of the Qur'an. An introductory note to each sura provides some background material on the contents of the sura and its dating, and the notes are kept to a minimum.

The translation is preceded by a brief Introduction describing the religion and culture of the Arabian peninsula, and the land and its peoples, in the years before Muhammad's birth. A new edition was published in in The Hague by Adriaan Moetjens reprints in and An anonymous English translation, ascribed to the Scottish writer Alexander Ross c.

Récitation du Saint Coran Français- Arabe - Sourate 2: Al Baqara (La vache)

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Muhammad and Muslims in 17th-century Dutch art The copperplate engravings by Casper Luyken, which were added to the edition of , show the ambivalent ways in which Muslims and their prophet were viewed in 17th-century Dutch art. Further reading Eeghen, P. Gent, R.

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