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Wholesale Lots 1. Bath Automotive Art Crafts 8. Entertainment Memorabilia 4. Everything Else 4. The Radmild and Dallingridge families held later much land there Sheffield manor. In Parliament granted the 'nonae' tax on every ninth lamb, fleece and sheaf, whereby the parishers had to swear by oath. Reginald de Knell gave evidence for Tarring to the tax collector in Shoreham. In Reginald puts in his claim in a contention between Ralph atte More and Sarra his wife v.

In Richard earl of Arundel held at his forfeiture a quarter o the manor of Knelle in Goring. The above documents make it clear that the de la Knelle family had extended their sphere also to Pagham and surroundings and had family connections with most of the persons mentioned above. At a later date Walter de Dunstanville held those lands including Idsal in Shropshire, where he gave to his harper Oliver the hamlet of Knolle, whereof the family took its name.

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They were also called 'de la Knolle' with variations. Tetbald had also held Goring in of Earl Roger de Montgomery and many more fees in this rape. Goring went later to his descendants, neighbors to the de la Knelle and de la Field families. At a later date Goring belonged to the Tregoz family. William son of Robert Centre for Kentish studies. William de Slifhurst and Isabel his wife, two third parts of a third part of a messuage, a carucate of land, 10 a of meadow and 62 s rent in Tolinton , Petworth and Doneketon - Robert succeeded for a payment of 30 lbs SSX FF.

From the Kilwardby Survey of the archbishop's manors in south eastern England KAS : - Peter de la Knelle has to pay 10s for marrying William Peyteum's widow with 2 acres of land. The bailiff accounts for a deficit of 3 bushels of wheat of Robert de Knelle's land. Note: In the survey the name is written de la Kelle. But Aldwick belonged to Pagham manor and later Knelle family members held land there. Note: The family of Charnels came from Carneille near Briouze in Normandy and other Charnels from Charnelle near de la Knelle who were tenants of the Breteuil and later by the earls of Leister who gave them land in Leicester..

Thomas atte Knelle brought a plea against Thomas Batte that he cut down 2 oaks in his field called Babyshamforlonge and took away their branches at a damage of 3s 4d. Walter Knoller in pays his dues in Eseburn, Chichester Rape.

PDF Some Field Family Journeys: Selected Descendants of Roger Del Feld

These documents show that the families of Tarring, Petworth and Pagham-Aldewick were of the same stock. Peter in Westminster. Note: The Knell chantry had become Knyll chantry. In there was still a George Knelles, who held a messuage and appurtenances in Burfham parish.

Somehow connected to Hertfield-Dallingridge holdings. Walter had 4 fees, held from the earls of Warenne, Moriton and EU. He was the ancestor of the Hertfield family of Hertfield, where he held his court. The same 4 fees were in the hands of that family still in the 13th C.

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This fact seem to show a link between the Cnoll family there and Cnelle in Hastings rape. In that year he also holds land in Sheffield c. A part went certainly to John Dallingridge, and I suspect that at least another part went to the Knolle family. Margaret held also land in Marsfield. He is mentioned in the Feet of Fines in Walter atte Herst v.

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Richard atte Knolle and Isabel his wife concerning a messuage and land in Wiston, which went to Walter In Aernulf de Cnolle and two others owe one mark amercement for having lost their case, but they have nothing CPR Kent. Elfricus de Kenesle in was sued by Richard FitzEdward for one and a half acres and a third part of half an acre with appurtenances in Detlinge by reason of mort d'ancestor. Elfric gives Richard half a mark FF.

On 10 November a final concord ensued before John de Gestlings and his fellow judges , by which Richard renounces and conveyes to Elfric and his heirs all his right in the land for ever receiving from Elfric half a silver mark CPR p. Henry de la Knolle sues William de Knolle for 3 acres of land in Aldington, of which his mother Alice was seized in the time of King John It descended to her three sons, of whom two are dead A Hist. Leger v.

An Edmund Knell appears in Frant in the 17th C. They were also jurors. In the taxators were John atte Knolle paying 3s 9d and Walterus Knoller with 1s 2d. He appears with his wife Isabel in a CPR document about the same time. Richard Spykinge and Margery his wife, a messuage, land, wood and appurtenances in Chydingston. Richard pays them 20 silver marks for their quitclaim Kent FF. On 15 April Thomas Cnell, sen. Hasted says that a Thomas Knelle was buried in our Lady's chancel in the church St.


Peter and St. Paul, to which had been a benefactor. He was rector of Warehorne and Snave and vicar of Lyminge. The first member of which there is knowledge in Appledore so far, is William Knell , whom the abbot 'Essex' of St. Augustine's of Canterbury refused the lease of the manor of Wyke, for which he had paid already.

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They had a daughter Anne, a minor. William's brothers, William the elder and Thomas, survived him. William was enfeoffed by Edmond Robyn and witnessed his will dated 3 February At Appledore he had a house and stables. His principle residence was at Brookland. Anne was the only woman, who was tortured in the Tower of London.